Coats for Kids


Thanks to the Brew Krew and O’Connor’s, Perchville brought more Fish scarf and hat sales, lifting our sales total for the year to $1,980.  That is $10 more than last year and brings our grand total so far to over $17,500!  So I guess we’ll just continue knitting and nattering every week making more fish hats for those wonderful people who buy them every year.

We recently scooped up all the kids’ coats left at our Walmart and also the one in West Branch at ridiculously low prices; between five and seven dollars each!  When combined with the end of season bargains on the internet, our inventory is now almost ready for this fall’s school distributions.  So it is time to turn our efforts to fundraising for the following season!

Jake installed kitchen cabinets for us in February, and we bought two new mats for the receiving and work areas.  One is to stop us from tripping when we come in with wet boots, and the other is a comfortable foamed mat for us to stand on when unpacking, tagging etc, (and also to hide the damaged carpet underneath).

Thank you to everyone who helps make this ministry work; we couldn’t do it without you!

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